/ Understanding and Mitigating Curve Fitting in System Trading

Understanding and Mitigating Curve Fitting in System Trading

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"Understanding and Mitigating Curve Fitting in System Trading"! This dynamic session aims to equip novice to intermediate traders, quantitative analysts, and financial engineers with the essential skills to prevent overfitting in trading systems. By diving deep into the intricacies of curve fitting and its consequences, we'll explore the best practices for developing robust systems. With real-world examples and interactive discussions, you'll leave with actionable insights and tools to improve your trading strategies. Join us in unraveling the complexities of curve fitting and safeguarding your trading success!

- Overview of system trading and the role of quantitative models.
- Definition of curve fitting: Fitting a model too closely to historical data, which may not perform well in the future.
- Brief on why it’s critical in trading systems.

Course Objectives
- Define curve fitting and its importance in system trading.
- Identify the signs of curve fitting in a trading system.
- Understand the consequences of overfitting.
- Learn strategies to prevent curve fitting.
- Apply best practices in developing robust trading systems.

Understanding Curve Fitting 
- Detailed explanation of curve fitting and overfitting.
- Examples of curve fitting in trading systems.
- The difference between good fit and overfit.

Consequences of Curve Fitting 
- Impact on predictive power and performance out of sample.
- Real-world examples of losses due to overfitted models.

Detecting Curve Fitting 
- Signs that your model may be overfitted.
- Tools and methods for diagnosing curve fitting in your system.

Mitigating Curve Fitting 
- Best practices in data management: Out-of-sample testing, cross-validation.
- The importance of simplicity in model design.
- Regularization techniques to prevent overfitting.

Building Robust Trading Systems
- Strategies for developing systems that are resilient to curve fitting.
- Importance of ongoing monitoring and adaptation.

Interactive Q&A Session 
- Open floor for participants to ask questions and discuss real-life challenges they face in system trading and curve fitting.

- Recap of key points.
- Encouragement to apply the learned concepts.
- Further resources for deepening understanding.

Materials and Resources
- Presentation slides.
- Case studies of trading systems with analysis on curve fitting.
- List of software and tools for backtesting and curve fitting analysis.
- Further reading list: Books, articles, and research papers.


Live Session - 10th Mar 24 - Evening Session ( 07.00 PM - 08.00 PM IST)


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About the creator

About the creator

Learn with Rajandran R

Welcome to Marketcalls, the premier destination for traders seeking insightful commentary and education on trading strategies, software, quantitative analysis, and more. Our founder, Rajandran R, is a telecom engineer turned full-time derivative trader who has been trading the markets since 2006. With a focus on Nifty, Banknifty, USDINR, and high-liquid stock derivatives.


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