/Building Stock Market Based Telegram Bots using Python

Building Stock Market Based Telegram Bots using Python

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Introduction and Overview
- Course Goals: Learn to build Telegram bots fetching real-time financial data, generating dynamic Plotly charts, and sending

personalized alerts.
- Target Audience: Python developers integrating financial data and bot functionalities.
- Technologies Used: Python, `python-telegram-bot`, `yfinance`, Plotly, DigitalOcean.

 Session 1: Introduction and Basic Bot Development
1. Overview of Telegram Bots:
  - What are Telegram Bots?: Automated users performing predefined tasks.
  - Use Cases: Financial alerts, trading summaries, data retrieval.

2. Setting Up Your Development Environment:
  - Installing Python: Steps to install Python.
  - Necessary Libraries: Install `python-telegram-bot`, `yfinance`, `pandas`.
  - Virtual Environment: Setup with `venv`.

3. Creating Your First Telegram Bot:
  - Registering with BotFather: Steps to get a bot token.
  - Hello World Bot: Basic bot responding with "Hello World".

4. Telegram Bot API Basics:
  - Understanding Bot API: Sending/receiving messages.
  - Commands and User Inputs: Handling `/start`, `/help`.

5. Integrating with Financial APIs:
  - Fetching Stock Data: Using `yfinance`.
  - Displaying Quotes: Simple bot to show stock prices.

 Session 2: Advanced Bot Features and Plotly Charts
1. Building Interactive Bots:
  - Inline Keyboards: Creating interactive buttons.
  - Handling Callbacks: Processing user actions.

2. Creating Plotly Charts:
  - Introduction to Plotly: Basics of data visualization.
  - Fetching Stock Data: Use `yfinance`.
  - Candlestick Charts: Creating and customizing charts.
  - Sending Charts: Bots sending images of charts.

3. Fetching and Displaying Market Data:
  - Real-time Data Commands: Bot commands for current market data.
  - Market Summaries: Summarizing stock details.

4. Creating and Sending Scanner Alerts:
  - Stock Scanners: Introduction and setup.
  - Criteria for Alerts: Setting conditions.
  - Real-time Alerts: Sending alerts with charts.

 Session 3: Hosting, Deployment, and Enhancements
1. Hosting and Deployment on DigitalOcean:
  - DigitalOcean Account: Setting up.
  - Droplet Configuration: Creating and configuring.
  - Server Environment: Setting up.
  - Deploying the Bot: Steps to deploy.

2. Adding Notifications and Alerts:
  - Stock Price Alerts: Setting up notifications.
  - Market Summaries: Daily/weekly updates.

3. Final Project and Course Wrap-Up:
  - Comprehensive Trading Bot: Combining all skills.
  - Q&A: Troubleshooting.
  - Future Learning Paths: Additional resources.

 Course Materials
- Code Samples: Provided for each session.
- Reading Materials: Links to documentation and articles.
- Video Tutorials: Step-by-step guides and demonstrations.
- Prompts: All GPT-4 prompts used for coding.

 Tools and Technologies
- Programming Language: Python.
- Libraries: `python-telegram-bot`, `yfinance`, Plotly, `pandas`, `requests`.
- Hosting Platform: DigitalOcean.
- Development Environment: Visual Studio Code.

By completing this course, you'll be equipped to build and deploy robust Telegram bots for real-time stock market data and alerts, enhancing your Python development skills and providing valuable tools for traders and investors. All code and prompts will be generated using ChatGPT-4 (GPT-4) for a deeper understanding and application.

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20th July 24 - Morning Session ( 10:00am - 12:00pm IST )

20th July 24 - Afternoon Session ( 02:00pm - 04:00pm IST )

21st July 24 - Morning Session ( 10:00am - 12:00pm IST )

21st July 24 - Afternoon Session ( 02:00pm - 04:00pm IST )


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About the creator

About the creator

Learn with Rajandran R

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