/Amibroker AFL Coding - Community Webinar (Doubt Solving Session)
WEBNARS Amibroker AFL Coding - Community Webinar (Doubt Solving Session)

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Amibroker AFL Coding - Community Webinar (Doubt Solving Session)

20 May 2024, 1:30 PM

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What will be covered in the session:

  • Troubleshooting AFL codes and providing guidance for any difficulties you’re facing.
  • Answering questions related to AFL coding or system design.
  • Resolving issues with Amibroker configuration and database setup.
  • Addressing queries on real-time data and EOD data.
  • Discussing automated trading and algorithmic trading platforms.


I had always found Amibroker AFL coding intimidating until I came across 'Practical Approach to Amibroker AFL Coding.' The book breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand steps, making it perfect for beginners like me. The examples are relevant and the explanations are clear, making the learning process enjoyable. I've seen a significant improvement in my coding skills and confidence. Highly recommend this book to anyone looking to master AFL coding.

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Full Time Trader

More about the hosts

Creator of OpenAlgo - OpenSource Algo Trading framework for Indian Traders. Telecom Engineer turned Full-time Derivative Trader. Designed and published 100+ open source trading systems on various trading tools like Amibroker, Tradingview, Python, etc.

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Rajandran R

Creator - Openalgo


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